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Should I have a string ensemble or solo violin?
That is totally up to you. I recommend the full string quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello), or at least a string trio, for a fuller sound. The quartet repertoire is the most comprehensive, and I recommend the quartet to cover many pop and rock selections. If you are interested in solo violin, my repertoire is a mixture of classical, folk and traditional wedding music. I also offer a classical string duo (violin/cello), a violin/accordion duo, and a violin/piano duo.

How do I select my music?
The Repertoire sample playlists can be a great start. You may want to consider the parts of the ceremony first. The Ceremony Package includes 30 minutes of prelude music, any music during the ceremony, and recessional/exit music. Also, think about the special moments in the ceremony. What do you want to hear when you walk down the aisle? What do you want for your friends and guests?

Sample Wedding – Order of Ceremony
Prelude Music (30 minutes, typically 8-10 selections)
Family Seatings (Mothers, Grandparents, special family members)
Wedding Party Processional
Bridal Processional
Unity Candle (or other special music)
Bride/Groom Recessional

What is your pricing?
I offer convenient package pricing, and music consultation and planning is included in all packages.

Ceremony Package
Ceremony Plus Package (ceremony + 1 hour of music)
Ceremony Grand Package (ceremony + 2 hours of music)

Is there a deposit to reserve the date?
Yes. A non-refundable $50 deposit or 10% of the total amount, whichever is greater. All payment details are outlined in your event contract.