The Best (yet) Bridgerton Party of 2024

What a fun event! We were hired to play Bridgerton music for this birthday party, and the theme did not disappoint. I had a great time putting together the set list and getting up to speed with all of the tunes from the show. Season 3 comes out this Spring; I’m sure more tunes will be added. We played for the arrival and cocktail hour. So many photo ops! It was awesome to see the guests and event staff in costume. Here’s the entrance. I started with the Bridgerton Theme and then added tunes from Season 1 & 2, rounding out the rest of the list with modern music.

The evening’s set list:

Bridgerton Theme
Wrecking Ball
Girls Like You
What About Us
Wildest Dreams
A Thousand Years
Love Story
Here Comes the Sun
La Vie en Rose
I Will Follow You into the Dark
All You Need is Love
Marry You

I had fantastic colleagues with me. Deidre, Katie and Blanca, y’all are the best! Thanks for making this evening the most fun.

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